The Ozark Chinquapin Foundation (OCF) is a volunteer driven, 501C3 non-profit organization dedicated to restoring the Ozark chinquapin to the woodlands and forests of the south-central United States as a mature, seed producing tree species.

We are working to establish a viable seed base through research and manual cross-pollination of surviving trees to develop a 100% pure Ozark chinquapin that can reproduce and thrive in our forests. 

Our recovery action plan involves :

  • Locating surviving blight resistant trees
  • Preserving genetics through cross-pollination and trans-locating seed within native range to ensure genetic diversity
  • Utilizing science in genetics and hypovirulence
  • Raising public awareness through education and promote OC restoration through local and state cooperators 
  • OCF members volunteering hundreds of hours in field work and research
  • Establishment of a tree database and several test farms 
  • Making seed available to the public for reintroduction

Over the years the OCF has distributed thousands of seeds for planting and successfully cross pollinated for the first time back in 2010.  In 2011 the first seeds were collected from research test plots. The foundation  undertakes projects both independently and in partnership with other organizations and agencies to further restoration efforts.


A few 8 year old  trees at one of our Ozark chinquaupin plantings in Missouri