Board Of Directors

Matt Mobley, President Steve Bost, A.J. Hendershott, Leslie Bost Carter, Tori Carson, & Chris Wyatt

OCF Board OF Directors

Stephen Bost – MO

Vice President/Operations
AJ Hendershott – MO

Dir. of Communications & Research
Leslie Bost Carter – MO

Education Outreach/Research
Dr. Fred Paillet – AR
Tim Smith – MO
Kathy Rusert – MO

Advising Scientist
Dr. Joey Shaw -TN
Matthew A. Albrecht, Ph.D. – MO

Breeding/Field Research

Terrance Jackson – TX

Eddie Estes – AR
Steve Chyrchel – AR
Jason Watkins – AL
Chris Wyatt – MO
Russell Oakes – MO
Shawn Smith – AR
Terry Cunningham – MO

Doug Lowery – AR

Legal Advisor
Steve Mowry -MO

Liaisons to the Public
Al Knox – AR
Donna Mulhollan – AR
Larry Burford – LA/AR
Kelly Mulhollan – AR
Russ Alford – MO
Zephrey Jameson – MO

Honorary Board Members
Teresa Taylor – MO

In Memoriam: A Tribute to Our Board Members Who Have Passed

Herald Adams – MO; Outdoorsman who years ago educated and inspired us all to save the Ozark Chinquapin tree

Tino Burnett – OK; Cherokee Nation

A.J. Hendershott
Doug Lowery & Steve Bost
Terrance Jackson
Terrance Jackson
Matthew Albrecht
Shawn Smith
Donna Mulhollan and Chris Wyatt
Al Knox addressing a volunteer group
Steve Chyrchel
Donna and Kelly Mulhollan
Leslie Bost Carter
Herald Adams