New Test Plot

Lucky Hollow Plot

new research planting in Northwest Arkansas

May 2020

In April the OCF established a new research planting in Carroll county Arkansas on a piece of land willed to Arkansas Forestry 23 years ago. 

Resistant parent trees” selected across the range make up the foundation of our breeding program and form the starter population of resistant trees we use to develop genetically improved seedlings.  We do not use Chinese chestnut or any other species of chestnut as a source of resistance– naturally resistant Ozark chinquapin are the source of resistance! Resistance in Ozark chinquapin is rare and the Ozark Chinquapin Foundation has dedicated over 10 years of research and field work to carefully selecting and breeding these rare trees. 

Through multi-site field trials and blight screening, we’ve been able to identify the most resistant trees on our research sites and utilize those trees for a new round of trials. Lucky Hollow is very special and has the privilege of being the home to several new promising genetic lines.