New Tree Discoveries

Ozark Chinquapin Hunting

New Tree Discoveries

Observed in Missouri |  spring 2019

(Figure A) Pard Lowe leaning against a large healthy Ozark chinquapin found in southwest Missouri

Pard Lowe took an OCF volunteer out in Barry County, Missouri to show them his new Ozark chinquapin find. The tree turned out to be a large, seed producing, and healthy with no signs of blight.

According to Cheyne Matzenbacher, “It was about 9-10” DBH and we found another healthy 6” DBH tree just about 50 yds. away that was cross pollinating it. We also found about half a dozen or so small sapling sized Ozark chinquapin too.”  The other picture (Figure B) is one of the burrs they found under the large tree. It had a seed with a worm in it.

Figure B

Burs found near the tree

Photos courtasy of Cheyne Matzenbacher

If you think you may have found an Ozark chinquapin and would like to report it to the OCF, you can email us with “tree id” in the subject.

Take a look at our Identification page to see if you’re on the right track.