Our Mission

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Our mission is to restore the Ozark Chinquapin to its native range. We are working to establish a viable seed base and through research and cross-pollination of surviving trees develop a 100% pure Ozark Chinquapin that is blight resistant. Seed will be available to anyone who wants to help reestablish this tree to its native range.

We are a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization of outdoorsmen and women who do not want to lose this once important tree of our Ozark forest. The Ozark forests we have today are different than the forest we had in the past. But, if we work together we can make our Ozark forest a better place for wildlife and our children to inherit.  Learn more about Ozark chinquapin

Our Recovery Action Plan involves:

  • Finding surviving trees
  • Collecting seed, pollen and grafts
  • Preserving genetics through cross-pollination
  • Inoculate finished crosses with the blight
  • Utilizing science in genetics and hypovirulence
  • Raise puplic awareness through education¬†
  • Dedicated locations in and out of blight range
  • Making seed available to public for reintroduction