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Published Research

Ozark Chinquapin Tolerate Oxalic Acid –  Hannah Pilkey -NEW

Chestnut: history and ecology of a transformed
Frederick L. Paillet Department of Geological Sciences, University of Maine –NEW

Castanea pumila var. ozarkensis (Ashe) Tucker Gary E. Tucker, Arkansas Tech University, 1975

Herbarium Specimens & Range Occurrences

Ozark Chinquapin Herbarium Specimen Database Pictures of specimens from all over the range 

Ozark Chinquapin in Alabama–  –Herbarium specimen | Lawrence County

Ozark Chinquapin in Louisiana:  Parishes (Counties): Union and Claiborne, source: Louisiana Wildlife and Fisheries

Some New or Otherwise Noteworthy Plants of the Arkansas FloraTucker, Journal of the Arkansas Academy of Science, Vol. 29 [1975]