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The Ozark chinquapin is one of the only consistent hard mast producing trees in the forest because of its late flowering time

Fluctuations in mast production can exert a strong influence on wildlife species that depend on mast crops for food

When the trees started disappearing from the landscape, they were replaced by other hard mast species (oaks) that fail to provide the same consistency and nutrition of the Ozark chinquapin

Ozark Chinquapin & Wildlife

Game Camera Pictures  |  Location: SE Missouri Research Plots

Creating the right habitat attracts native wildlife at every level of the food chain.  Here in Missouri we monitor wildlife activity at our trees with game cams. A single tree can produce up to 6000 nuts, high in protein and carbohydrates. The most important function of the Ozark chinquapin in our local ecosystem is the production of hard mast.